Seed Socks


Seeds travel from where they have fallen off plants to other locations by different means. Some blow in the wind, some get carried off as food, and some get stuck to the feet and fur of animals. This activity will show you how seeds travel on the feet of animals.

What you need:

  • old fuzzy socks
  • sterile soil that has been specially prepared for this activity
  • containers for the soil
  • water

What to do:

  1. Put the old socks over your shoes.
  2. Walk around in the grass, sand, dirt, and /or leaves in the area outside your classroom.
  3. Carefully remove the socks and put them into a clear plastic bag.
  4. Return to the classroom and examine the socks.
  5. Look closely at the seeds. Maybe even use a magnifying glass. Answer the questions in the Questions to Answer section.
  6. Draw pictures of the seeds and give them names or numbers. (Take them off the socks.)
  7. Place the seeds in the specially prepared soil being careful to mark each seed's place with its name or number. This way you can tell which seeds become plants, which become grasses, and which become trees or other things.
  8. Water the soil every day.
  9. Keep a record or chart of the soil and seeds. Which seed broke through the top of the soil first? How much do the seedlings grow every day? What do they look like?
  10. Write a report of your experiment.

Questions to Answer

  1. What do the seeds look like?
  2. How are the seeds attached to the socks?
  3. How many seeds are in groups or bunches?
  4. How many different types of seeds are there?
  5. What do the seeds feel like?
  6. Are any of the seeds split open or beginning to sprout?
  7. If you can, identify the seeds using books or seed guides, and label them.


Take pictures of the plants as they grow and keep records of them, even ones that didn't sprout. Print your findings and make a copy for your library.