Abingdon Elementary

Experts on Gardening
Ms. Cunningham's, Ms. Romero's, and Mr. McDavitt's Class

Our School

Our school is located in Arlington, Virginia and has been collaborating with the Smithsonian Institution around garden learning and multicultural education. Our teachers, David McDavitt, Marykirk Cunningham and Beth Romero, are working with us to use a garden curriculum for learning science and mathematics.

Our Class

We are a group of children in Third Grade Spanish Immersion. Half of the day we learn math, science, and health from Señora Romero in Spanish. The other half of the day we learn language arts and social studies in English from Mrs. Cunniingham. In both classes we include out work in the gardens.

Our Area of Expertise is Learning in the Garden

Our classes work on many projects in the garden. We use the Seeds of Change garden site as a guide to follow each season as we work in the garden. We also use the site for the National Gardening Association. They have advice for gardening and free stuff like seeds and bulbs. We were lucky to get over 200 bulbs for our garden and school this year. Below meet two of our gardening experts:

Drawing of Alex

Hi! My mom and I like to garden. My mom uses the plants to make crafts, like wreaths from weeds. At school, we are responsible for not only planting in the garden, but for caring for the garden year round. Be sure to explore the constant changes that happen year round in your garden. It is a living science lab!

I have a lot of flower seens in my house. You have to learn about plant reproduction and the care of you plants to care for them. With sunlight, water and care you can grow many different plants. I like to research infromation on gardenting and I use these sites: The search engine Yahoo , Seeds of Change, and the Digital Desert LIbrary

Hi! I like to garden at home and at school. I have two small gardens at my house. We usually plant tomatoes, lettuce, mint, and other plants. The bad part is that the squirrels usually eat them right before we pick them. How unfair! In school, we take care of our garden. We pull out the weeds and other bad plants. We are planning to water our plants as soon as we can grow them.

I like to search on Yahoo! We also like to get some of our information from the Seeds of Garden site. I am 9 years old. My school's name is Abingdon Elementary School.

Questions you can ask us

  • What have we learned about traditional native peoples agriculture?
  • What is a waffle garden?
  • Why was the waffle garden used in Zuni?
  • How can elementary students write a grant for a gardening project?

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